Guy Spier – Education of a Value Investor Talk at Google!


Guy Spier is wired naturally for value investing. he found this fact about himself working in a wrong environment for quite a long period of time, Though he didn’t discuss any hard code investment strategies in the talk, but fairly he highlights very valuable insights on investing and investing philosophy. Well, the title of this talk seems a bit misleading initially, because in this talk Guy doesn’t talk about any investment strategy or analyzing and researching into stocks or companies, also he doesn’t mention any financial aspects of companies. Besides he talks about something related to spiritual and background in investing philosophy.

Don’t buy if someone is selling you hard, says Guy Spier, Also one of the very good advice is to give something back in return. Also he talks about his cash management strategy, and that is quite simple, if he deems something is viable to buy he puts cash in, otherwise he sits on cash.

Also, he states that investment decisions i.e buy or sell should be simple and should be done in isolation, away from ticker screen, because ticker screen can be confusing or can lead to price misjudgements.


1 – Education of Value Investing – Guy Spier


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