Guy Spier and Mohnish Pabrai together at Google!



Guy Spier and Mohnish Pabrai are very well known among value investors, in a Google talk they shared highly valuable insights about investing, investment strategies,  and their personal preferences for investing. For a value investor their insights worth more than even gold.

Mohnish’s experience with the Industrial Psychologist.

Mohnish went through 360 analysis of his psychology what he terms ‘Owner’s Manual’, Industrial Psychologist went through different aspects of Mohnish’s psychology and strongly suggested him about his strong ability to work alone rather than paired with any team.

Guy and His Emotion of Envy.

Guy had a strong feeling on envy as he explained in the video, on a lunch with Warren about the same emotion, Warren said he don’t know what should be solution for that, lastly Guy states he found the answer himself, and the answer is very right, when someone is not aligned once has strong feeling of envy.

Guy Spier on Investment Strategy.

Guy shared a very great advice on investment strategy, not everybody is wired for probabilistic analysis of events and situations, he insisted on following one of the great strategy of focusing on businesses and economy of businesses rather than doing estimations and probabilistic analysis on events and economy in general, i.e the cycles and interest rates, inflation numbers.


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