Intrinsic Value

The actual value of any company in terms of its assets based on perceptions of its true value is known as intrinsic value. The assets includes all tangible and non-tangible factors and resources a company has the intrinsic value may or may not be equal to the current market value of the company>(, 2003).The primary use if intrinsic pricing can be seen in option pricing. It is an indicator of the amount an option has in terms of money. The value investors always look at both qualitative and quantitative aspects of any business. Qualitative aspects includes business model, target factor of market and governance. Qualitative aspects on the other hand considers the various ratios and financial statements. The intrinsic value is also an indicator to check if the business if out of favor with the market or is really worthy as per current value. To determine company’s intrinsic value, the discount cash flow model is one of the most commonly used technique.

The advices and Quotes of big investors in market are always a source of guidance for the new investors. Yet, there is always an intrinsic value of any quote by a big investor. The value of considering a quote as investing policy has been significant. Usually this approach has made people to earn a lot of money(Arthur, 2003). One of the biggest practitioner as an example is Warren Buffet. The value investing principle is setting ones aim to buy the assets in a price lesser than their worth. But its selling price is quite higher (Maranjian, 2015). There are many quotes by big investors which are considered as a guide line by many investors. Ben Graham said “Price is always what ones and value is what he gets“. It can elaborated by the example that a $5 stock can be overvalued. Whereas a $600 stock might is actually worthy and one might figure out what price a person would be willing to pay. The value investing is the discipline of buying the securities at some significant discount as compared their base values. Then holding them till the time more of its value is realized. Yet, the element of bargain is the key to success.

Joel Greenbelt said “The secret of investing is to figure out value of anything, and then it pays a lot. The big investors climb to the last step of success by passing through all difficult stages. They have quite long term experience(Maranjian, 2015). The value of their words and quotes have the importance equal to the rules and regulations. From their comprehensive efforts and experience they try to say something that is universal. The Quotes are applicable to all fields in all circumstances. The intrinsic value of any quote by big investors should be regarded a high value. Since, it has a direct effect the investor who is going to follow it. It is a known fact that the experience has no parallel. Thus, for any beginner or new investor, the quotes of big investors has a prime importance.

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